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  • Layout
  • 1 Column, 2 Columns with Left Sidebar
  • Colors
  • Colors in this template are easily customizable
About this template
  • Date Released:   Aug, 2012
  • Designer:   Iksandi
  • Price:   FREE
  • Creative Commons Attribution: You are free to use for personal/commercial use. But, you must attribute the work to the author. Should not remove credit links.
  • Downloads:   21864
  • Demo views:   15910
  • 115 people love this template
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Design Features
  • Minimalist design
  • Want to have a simple but beautiful website? This template has minimal design by giving importance to content
  • Post Thumbnails
  • Show a thumbnail image (small image) for every post using this template
  • Good Typography
  • Galauness template has beautiful Typography (font styles). Your website will look beautiful and readable
  • Custom web fonts
  • Galauness template uses Web fonts like Google Fonts. Improve your website typography by using custom fonts
Customization Features
  • HTML Menu
  • Navigation menu for this template is customizable in HTML. Edit the HTML to add your menu links
  • Template Designer
  • Galauness Blogger template supports Blogger template Customizer. Customize Background color, Text color, Link color, Blog Title color, Post title color, Blog description color, Fonts easily. Go to Template -- click Customize and then Advanced for these customization.
  • Widget Ready
  • Galauness template comes with many widgetized area. Add your widgets easily using this template
  • Footer Widgets
  • Galauness template comes with footer widgets. Use your footer area effectively for engaging your users
More Features
  • SEO Ready
  • Galauness template is optimized for Search engines like Google. This template helps your website to rank higher in search engines
  • Ad Ready
  • Use this template to show Banner advertisement or Google ads easily. Make money using your site
  • RSS Buttons
  • Galauness template comes with RSS Buttons. Let your user follow you using your RSS feed
  • Social Buttons
  • This template comes with social buttons like facebook, twitter etc., Let your users share your content easily
  • Search box
  • Galauness template has search box in it. Search box helps your user to find the content easily on your site
Do you know? This is one of the rare template which supports Blogger template designer. Go to Template -- and click Customize button. You can customize your blog look easily here. After clicking customize, go to advanced and customize your template easily. I really thank this template designer Iksandi Lojaya for having this great feature.
Configure the Post Date

Go to settings -- Language and Formatting and make sure Date Header Format and Timestamp are in Friday, January 11, 2013 format

Number of Posts in Home page

For the demo, we are using 6 posts in Home page. To set number of posts, go to Settings -- Posts and Comments and set the post count in Show at most field.

Configure Social Network Links

Go to Template -- Edit HTML and find this

<!– Start – Social Links –>

Below that you will see all social icons. Change the urls to your social pages. If you do not want any social icons then remove them.

Configure Top Navigation Menu

Go to Template -- Edit HTML and find this

<!– Start – Navigation Menu –>

Below that you will see all menu links. Change the urls to your posts and pages. If you do not want any menu item then remove them.

Configure Flickr Photostream Widget

Go to Layout and edit Filckr Photostream widget. Paste following code. Make sure to replcae the USERNAME with your username like "38647261@N03" in the following code

 <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
Configure Twitter Updates Widget

Create a widget in your Twitter account. Then, paste that code in Layout -- Twitter updates widget. If you do not want this then just don't put anything in this widget or remove it. You may also put your adsense code here if you wish.


In demo, we renamed MEET THE AUTHOR widget in Layout to SPONSOR and added our Google adsense code.

Layout for Galauness Blogger Template

  • Susant Kumar Behera

    I am using this template for wallpaper site and i don't know why in home page it only showing 4 posts and i click on next it shows 5 posts.I configured to show 6 posts at settings.Please help me..

    • lovelytemplates

      If you have set up the settings properly then it should work. It is working for me in the demo. Go to Settings page — Posts and Comments then set 6 for "Show at most"

      • Susant Kumar Behera

        I already set 6 at "show at most", its not working .Please check my sit once. i am thinking it is because of the size of home page exceeding 1Mb. may be that's the reason.Please reply..

  • @MiaKacprowska

    how to delete a category things?

    • lovelytemplates

      I don't understand. You want to remove the Category in the top navigation?

  • zivaah

    hi a question, how do i make the images show like on the demo? i only see titles on the home page

  • zivaah

    no worries i figure it out, loving it realy

  • dolphindancephotography

    how do i center the nav menu?

  • Grace

    How do you edit the "About Me" and other pages? Every time that I click on them they just return to the home page.

    • lovelytemplates

      Please provide your site url to help

  • Mazfish

    Hi, great theme! I'm just wondering how would I be able to change or remove the menu bar links at the top? And also how do I get rid of the static home page?

    • lovelytemplates

      Follow the Documentation to change menu bar. You should refer to "Configure Top Navigation Menu" section in the documentation. Home page is not static. It loads your recent post dynamically

  • Isabella

    How do I change this so I can only have one column of posts? Also, how do I set up the page links to put posts in it?

    • lovelytemplates

      Check "Configure Top Navigation Menu" section in the Documentation to configure the top navigation menu.

      We can't help on customizing this template to 1 column

  • Stan

    I downloaded and installed the template – however it seems that the thumbnail feature is not working.
    Should I enable/install something else or what am I doing wrong?


  • Stan

    I have no thumbnails on my posts ?

    • lovelytemplates

      I see thumbnails on 3 out of 6 posts in your blog. Those 3 posts without thumbnail is because your post don't have any images.

  • NNA

    Hi i am using this template and it only shows three posts on the main page. i already changed the settings for 'Show at most' 6 posts but it still doesnt work.. please help..

    • lovelytemplates

      You have to post link to your website. I think it's because your images are >1MB in size. But, I have to check your site to comment

    • Sashy

      Hi before this also happend to me, that because google now limit the size of home page to solve this problem use a page break in your post so, its only calculate the first image and some of the text not a whole post. its work for me

  • Sarah Davison

    Is there a live demo for one column blog version? Thanks

    • lovelytemplates

      We mentioned that Columns as “1 column and 2 columns with left sidebar”. This is because the home page is 1 column and the inner pages are 2 column with left sidebar. Sorry that our text is little mis-leading for you. There is no 1 column version for this template.

  • Bee

    How do I add a header image? I’m going crazy trying to find where to put my image url in the code!

    • lovelytemplates

      Go to Layout. Click edit on Gaulauness (Header) widget. Then, choose an image for the Header

  • Lisa

    The homepage isn’t showing the dynamic previews for some reason – could you help? This is the default template, with no changes, except for the post content. (

  • lovelytemplates

    Please refer to the documentation. Documentation is available in the Documentation tab in this page or it should be available in the downloaded zip file. Refer to section “Configure Top Navigation Menu”

  • lovelytemplates

    If you delete them in html then it should work. Can I see your blog to troubleshoot

  • lovelytemplates

    Search in Google like “Creating pages in Blogger”

    • marinacasapu

      Yes, I did . The template is awesome! Thanks

  • lovelytemplates

    Hey, this is one of the known issue in Blogger. Your posts has many pictures. So, Blogger decides to show less number of posts in home page. To avoid this problem, you should use JUMP BREAK. In every post, use JUMP BREAK after the first image. If you want to learn using Jump Breaks in Blogger then Google for that

  • lovelytemplates

    1. Look for Top Navigation Menu code in the template and edit the URLs. You should follow the documentation that comes with this template
    2. We can’t help on customization
    3. Flickr Photostream should work if you follow the documentation.

  • lovelytemplates

    Hey Lauren – Check “Documentation” tab in this page or the Documentation that comes with the download. If you still have questions then here is the text from the documentation

    Configure Top Navigation Menu

    Go to Template — Edit HTML and find this

    Below that you will see all menu links. Change the urls to your posts and pages. If you do not want any menu item then remove them.

  • lovelytemplates

    It appears to be working now for you. May be your fixed it already. When you mouse over a thumbnail then this template shows the number of comments and a snippet text. Your first post has snippet text but the second post doesn’t have snippet text. Because your second post doesn’t have any text at all.

    • Cinzia

      Thank you for you reply. I reinstalled the template from scratch and it worked. What I did wrong the first time was pressing the ‘revert widget templates to default’ button in Edit HTML. That wiped out the lightbox widget preset within the template.

  • TheDidiness

    This template is amaaaazing! Thank you for sharing it with us and for free! ^^
    Is it possible to get a Pinterest icon for the social network links part?

    Thank you!

    • lovelytemplates

      Sorry, we can’t add PInterest icon as we are not able to help on customization requests

    • Amanda Smith

      I would also love a Pinterest icon and LinkedIn if you ever have the time for updates!

  • lovelytemplates

    Just follow the documentation. Refer to section “Configure Top Navigation Menu”

  • lovelytemplates

    Use this CSS. Paste this code just above the

    .snips-image a {

    height: 185px;

    width: 310px;


    • Trung Rơm

      i can’t see CSS ???
      plz show me css code

      • lovelytemplates

        Paste that code just above the /b:skin> in your template code

  • Trung Rơm

    The template very beautiful . But the thumbnail feature seems not to work for me. the photo thumbnails not show in my blog .help me

    this is my blog :

  • lovelytemplates

    Your blog is not working for me. Thumbnail works only if your images are uploaded to blogger. If you are pointing to third party images then it won’t work

  • lovelytemplates

    Go to your template code and find /b:skin> Then paste that CSS code just above that

  • Lucie


    I installed this lovely template on my czech wedding blog and it is realy pretty, but I have one problem. I write in czech language not english and in this language we have special symbols, diacritical marks like č, ř, ž, ů, etc.
    Do you know how can I change typography for names of posts? It works only for navigation menu and text. Thank you for your tips.
    P.S. I´m html or css amateur…

  • Andreia Machado

    Helo! Thank you for the template it’s very beautiful. But I have a question: It’s possible change the posts thumbnails whrn you enter the blog to a regular posts system like in the image?

  • Kylie L

    Hi, I am new to Blogger and I have no idea at all HOW to remove the icons for flickr, Skype etc. I see below you said to somebody to ‘just remove them’ but I have no idea how!! I went into HTML and played about and I just keep losing the icon and instead Flickr is written out. Please help it is driving me mad!!!!!

    • lovelytemplates

      Paste the following code just above the /b:skin> in your template code

      .interwebz { display:none; }

  • lovelytemplates

    You are welcome…

  • lovelytemplates

    Can I know your website url to troubleshoot this problem?

  • lovelytemplates

    Use this CSS,
    .interwebz { display:none; }

  • Erik

    Hi i tried to install it, but how do you change the menu to link to my pages? I can only change the menu names, but i cant link it into my pages

    • lovelytemplates

      Follow the documentation. Refer to section “Configure Top Navigation menu”. You have to paste the link to your pages in HTML.

  • lovelytemplates

    Sorry, this is not possible.

  • lovelytemplates

    Sorry, we are not supporting customization

  • Sienna Kwami

    Hey Cinzia,
    I see you have the pinterest icon. How did you get it?

    • Tanya

      Can someone please help me to get the different icons? Thanks!

  • lovelytemplates

    If your post has too many photos then Blogger won’t show the thumbnail

  • lovelytemplates

    Sorry, can’t help on customization

  • lovelytemplates
  • lovelytemplates

    Only images uploaded in Blogger will show as thumbnail.

  • Sienna Kwami

    Thanks so much!

  • craftychicgirl

    i prefer to have my images at 850 pixels wide, is it possible to use this template and keep my images that large?

  • lovelytemplates

    Follow documentation please…

  • lovelytemplates

    May be this is one time issue. See if it get fixed during next post

  • lovelytemplates

    Looks like your issue is fixed now. That’s good

  • Hannah

    How do I remove social media icons? I only need Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • CamilliaHandmade My post has disappeared from my home page.Posted another post had to remove it because the post wouln’t show.Fixable? Thank you!

    • CamilliaHandmade

      Thank you again template. The solution for the above problem ….I reinstalled the template and it’s working perfectly!!!!!!!

  • lovelytemplates


  • lovelytemplates

    Your posts are working great for me

  • lovelytemplates

    Sorry, we don’t have time to support customization requests.

  • Jess

    it works on me. Thanks. Beautiful Template

    • Olivia Blackwell

      how did you manage to hook up the social links buttons with your social media pages?

  • Shirley

    Bonsoir, je suis désolé je ne parle pas anglais, que français, j’ai réussi à installer le Template, d’ailleurs merci beaucoup, j’ai 2 questions, comment je peux faire pour mettre le lien de mes Pages en haut à la place de category, menu1 … Comment j’enlève les boutons en haut que je ne veux pas, par exemple skype… Merci d’avance

    Hello, I’m sorry I do not speak English and French, I managed to install the template, also thank you very much, I have 2 questions, how can I do to link my pages to the top place category, menu1 … How do I remove the buttons at the top that I do not want, eg skype … Thanks in advance

    • Claire Benoit

      Salut! S’il te plait, puis-je savoir si tu as pu trouver une solution a ton probleme? J’ai installé le meme template et je ne comprends pas non plus comment faire pour modifier ces sous-titres… Merci d’avance

  • Isabel

    Hi, thanks for the lovely template! But there are a few pages under the blog title(menu 1 till 4, error 404 page) that I can’t remove. Is it possible to remove them or write something else for it?

    Thank you for your help.
    Kind regards,


    • Claire Benoit

      Hi have you been able to fix this? Can I know how you did please?

  • PrettyMuchChannel .

    how can I enable the instagram stream?

  • madamAstrology


    Thank you very much for all useful info! Can you tell me how can I remove “0 Comments” from first page (HOME) ( and all others as well!) or replace it with “post a comment”?

    Thank you in advance

  • madamAstrology

    Hi,again me!

    Can you tell me how to add tumblr, paypal and some more social buttons on the top of the page – i can’t find same type anywhere!

    Thank you!

  • Amanda Smith

    Does anybody know how to make post titles bigger in this theme? Not sure whether I need to add something into the CSS or edit the HTML.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Rachel

    Hi, just downloaded this template and love it! I’m trying to remove some of the social network icons. What do I need to do with the code to remove them?

  • Kelly Watters Colson

    Do you have any information on how to fix the comments if they are not showing up at the bottom of each post?


    Hi! Did you ever find the answer to this? This is my exact problem!! So irritating as the template is so perfect!

  • Enjoy It Or Not

    How many other social media icons are available? For example I have pinterest and bloglovin but not Flickr, last fm and skype. Do I have the chance to substitute them?! If yes how can I do? Thanks in advance.

    • De’Ondra Jae

      how did you get the pinterest one? I need it!

  • Borja Giron

    Great template!

    I have a question… Is there any chance to update the snip image from thumbnail in home page? I mean once is taken is there any change to recharge it for a new one in the post?


  • Kate Gwilliam

    Hi Cinzia, I have just seen that you shared the Icons for Pinterest and Bloglovin’ what do I do once I have copied them from your photoshop file? Do I have to write in code?
    Thanks very useless at this!

  • Sassy Shelly

    I would like to do the same thing! @lovelytemplates:disqus please help

  • Sassy Shelly

    I LOVE this template and have been using it happily for quite some time. However I now need to make a change to the homepage so that my sidebar ads will show on it as well. Is there a way to get rid of the homepage all together? Or to just make it look like a normal 2 column post/page showing a list of post previews with a simple “read more” instead of the single column with the thumbnails grid? I Really hope you can help me @lovelytemplates:disqus!

  • Sassy Shelly

    Sherlyn, have you ever figured this out??? @lovelytemplates I would like to do the same thing, PLEASE help. <3

  • Julia S

    Hi!! I LOVE this template but am having trouble with the social icons… the links works but the icons dont match as they should (i.e. twitter, pinterest) they are using the flikr icon which I dont even have. Thanks!!

  • Youkoso Mdm

    Hi, thanks for the beautiful template. Just wondering, is it possible to replace the Flickr and/or Twitter updates widget with the Facebook and/or Instagram widget instead? If so, how do I go about in doing this? Thank you

  • De’Ondra Jae

    Is there anyway that I can add a pinterest button to the hover social links on the top left?

  • Hi Sayo

    hi there if you have questions about tis perfect template all you have to do is read the ducomentaton provided above. gudlock blogging.

  • Sashy

    Hi I have used this template and looks really good, I love it so much. I just want to do a little changes on the menu font size, can you help me which code that I need to change ? thank you